Sites You Visit to Check On News in Nepal

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Sites You Visit to Check On News in Nepal

Postby Ganesha » Sun Apr 11, 2010 2:07 pm

I regularly find that I am hitting the wall trying to get the latest news, analysis on happenings in Nepal through the online resources. I will make a list here and you could comment or add to it and pass on little notes as to why you like or dislike a particular site.

1. I get most of my news from this site. This is also the first site that I go to and then reach out to others if I get interested in the story.
2. : I go there to see news in Nepali. I visit the first page, spend ten seconds, click on something if I find interesting and then get out.
3. : I go there to read opinion pieces. I like a few writers there but hardly finish all what is written because they tend to write long, very long.
4. : The biggest reason I don't go there is just cosmetic. I hate the site layout. But now that they have redone the looks, perhaps I will go there.
5. BBC Nepali : I listen to the podcasts there once in a while, in the background.
6. Nepali Netbook I read it because I have not found another good quality Nepali blog. And not to forget, the author of the blog is called, maila baje!

And then I am done. After checking these sites, if my thirst for nepali news is not quenched, I go to some himalmedia publications, do a google search and then spend a few seconds here and there but then after that I do not remember the site's name and I am left unsatisfied.

The biggest problem comes up when something critical happens and I want to update myself on the news and almost all the sites listed here don't update the news very frequently and I am busted.

What are the sites you visit and why? How are you quenching your thirst of more information about Nepal? Do share. - nepali forum

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Re: Sites You Visit to Check On News in Nepal

Postby kazi » Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:39 pm

I read also.
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