The Maoists & "Audiogate" - Your Interpretation

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The Maoists & "Audiogate" - Your Interpretation

Postby Ganesha » Sat Sep 04, 2010 1:15 am

Media is posting two pieces of phone conversation between two persons, one "assumed" to be Mahara and another a person with "Chinese accent" where "Mahara" is asking 500 million NRs to "buy" 50 lawmakers for PKD to win the Presidential election. The news is everywhere on ekantipur, nagariknews, nepalnews and was first reported by Nepal 1, a channel with head offices in New Delhi. What are you thoughts?

1. Is the voice that of Mr. Mahara?
2. Who taped the conversation?
3. Wiretapping though not difficult is not exactly an easy thing to do. If both of them were using cellphones, only someone who has proper and very privileged access to the network (NTC or NCell or whatever network the Nepali caller was using) can actually tap such calls.
4. If they really wanted money, would the callers have been so foolish to mention the amount over public phone?
5. Who is the other caller? Why does he say "a friend" will help "you" to the Nepali caller.
6. Why does the person with "Chinese accent" always call the Nepali caller as "Mr. Mahara" while not once does so called "Mr. Mahara" call the other caller with his name?
7. Lastly, if the Maoists had in fact, succeeded in "buying" such large number of law makers (provided this deal went through), would the truth not have come out sooner or later?
8. How did the Channel Nepal 1 find this audio? Who gave it to them? - nepali forum

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Re: The Maoists & "Audiogate" - Your Interpretation

Postby kazi » Sat Sep 04, 2010 6:12 am

I have not listened to the evidence but that is something beyond my expertise. However, this does not surprise me as much as the fact that there are whistle blowers and that is surely a good thing against corruption. I just thank the whistle blower and hope the intention was good.
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