Our notion of communication, apology & Buddha Air Crash

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Our notion of communication, apology & Buddha Air Crash

Postby Ganesha » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:33 pm

Nineteen people died when the Buddha Air Beechcraft crashed a few days ago. And yet, I find it strange that the company's website does make a mention of it either on the front page or in the press section.

Buddha Air, over the years has set itself apart from the bunch of other airlines in Nepal. It is well managed, has a good maintenance schedule and are generally as a company, responsible. Additionally, many know that this is Buddha's first crash where people have died. And yet Buddha Air still has not been able to get out of the way any very old, rigid, internet-scared, information-scared company would acts in a situation like this. (Remember when King Birendra died, they played mourning tune on radio for days?) Does the company think that by not putting up the information it will be able to maintain a 'clean' image? Or that it is doing a service to itself by hiding the fact?

Wake up Buddha Air - the world has changed. If you have a bit of responsibility towards any of your customers who have flown in your planes over the years, create a page on your site, update it with all the details of the crash. And setup a phone line dedicated to it, give people information. Is there not anyone who understands the basics of communication, facebook and twitter there?


Things to include in the web updates:

1. Name of the people who died
2. The place they died (Some they say died in hospital)
3. The progress of investigation, who is in the committe
4. Progress in interpreting the black box information
5. What are you immediately doing as proactive measures in your flights/planes
6. Details of what actually happened
7. Lessons learnt
8. You are big and powerful company. What policy changes do you want in the government aviation policy so that things like these dont happen.
9. Setup twitter and facebook accounts if updating your own pages are too much of a technological hurdle.
10. Remember information is very important. Disseminate it timely in a situation like this.
11. A message from the chairman.

(Included is the shot of Buddha Air's website as of Sep 27, 2011.)
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