Job list of Nepal

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Job list of Nepal

Postby RMT » Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:38 pm

Hi all,

For every business there is need of dedicated people to make is successful. Currently there is so difficult to find right people for right position. I hope everyone agrees with me.

I think following are the reasons of it:
1) Job opening information is not known to right person
2) Schools and colleges could not develop right skilled person needed by the market
3) Lack of central database of job opening which can be used to do research and publish market requirement or trend of job. So that students can orient them self more towards high demand skills and colleges also can create more ready to market graduates.
4) Brain drain to developed country.

Reason [4] is beyond our control and it is natural process. But definitely we can do something for reason [1 to 3]. So as something is better than nothing, I have started a open job list of Nepal. One can join the group at I am in search of people interested to manage it. I want it to be community like group. If anyone from this group has any suggestion for the group, please put it on this thread.

i have written one blog about its starting thinking process at

Thank you,

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Re: Job list of Nepal

Postby kazi » Sat Nov 14, 2009 7:26 am

@RMT, I fully agree with you, and especially, reason 3. I am not trying to over-simplify the problem but I think with all the socioeconomic factors like nepotism, favoritism & *politicization* that is rampant in our country, reason 2 and reason 4 is in the natural progression. As for reason 1, it seems to be related to all the other reasons and regarding what we can do about it, I think the solution lies in reason 3.
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