"Udyogpati" and "Baristha Neta"

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"Udyogpati" and "Baristha Neta"

Postby Ganesha » Wed Jan 27, 2010 6:19 pm

Our politicians with very less formal education and equally less thought-processing capability are over the years called, "Baristha". I don't know who calls them but when one does, everybody does. Newspapers, TVs are full of such salutation. I don't know whether the media really means it or not but the word is everywhere. Compare this scene with a self-employed being or an owner of a business and the scene is pathetic. Its not that business owners are clean in this country (some are really dynamic) but then who is? That is not the point thus. A single entrepreneur is an icon of success, she creates jobs and contributes positively to the economy but hardly garners the same kind of attention gained by the "superior" politicians. The largest and the greatest entrepreneurs in this country have always been not respected, taken lightly and worse, seen as suckers.

The West today is replete with examples of utter respect to entrepreneurs, everything there is business, new product and services and customer satisfaction. Business owners are respected and heard. (Remember Google briefing the Secretary of State about breach of security in its Gmail services? Businesses are taken that solemnly.) And yet here we are, not at all respecting the doers in this country. One might be led to think that it might be because Sanatana Dharma puts spirits first and money at the very end that we are so not influenced by money makers but then the Dharma also talks about Karmayoga, responsibility and accountability. I wonder how can entrepreneurship, the only savior in a country like ours can flourish in the times to come with this perspective towards it.
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