Ways to Improve the Cable Car Experience

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Ways to Improve the Cable Car Experience

Postby Ganesha » Tue Feb 09, 2010 9:32 pm

I know many of us just love the ride. Extremely quiet and breathtaking would be my own quick reaction. And then for all those devotees out there, a chance to worship the goddess with ease and swiftness is what is Manakamana Cable Car for many.

It's been already many years that the cable car has operated and it is a good business. Perhaps it's the country's economic state that new ventures are not coming up but if they do, what would be your own ideas as to how the new venture could learn about the existing cable car and do better or perhaps find another nice market is my question. This does not mean that the current cable car is bad but we are trying to build upon the shoulders of the someone who started first. What do you say?
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