How do you manage a very large business?

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How do you manage a very large business?

Postby Ganesha » Sun Jul 18, 2010 12:28 pm

Some say, one of the biggest reasons that Microsoft is in the shadows now a days is that it is killing creativity within itself. (And mind you, this article came from, Dick Brass, a vice president at Microsoft from 1997 to 2004). And recently, some leading investors/"thought leaders" have predicted that Google will follow suit! Personally, as a great fan of Google, I find this little too hard to chew. But going by the talent drain at the world's best company Google, I think we could start off a discussion on how to manage growth, what to learn from them and what mistakes not to make in our own endeavors.

Briefly, here are the issues that the two companies are facing.

1. Stifling of creativity by unhealthy intra-competition within the company
2. Loss of entrepreneurial spirits in the company that was once a great startup
3. Competition for posts among the very talented and ambitions people within the company
4. Relentless effort to hire away the best from these companies

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Re: How do you manage a very large business?

Postby kazi » Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:51 pm

I must say I disagree with the first point that Microsoft stifles creativity. Microsoft has one of the best, innovative labs today, in par with IBM, Google and HP. Although, I have to agree that competition within departments exists in excess.

Another point I'd like to make is that Microsoft rose not because of entrepreneurial skills, but because of strong business strategy. There were so many creative minds that were doomed because this one company monopolized the PC industry. In fact, the price of Microsoft's rise the slaughter of so many fine minds. But there is no blaming Microsoft. It had to be that way. If not Microsoft, somebody else would have come up. It is only a matter of speculation what the world would have been if Microsoft never came to being. And Google is pretty much trying to do the same thing that Microsoft did... only in a more sophisticated way. Both successes have a common factor and that is a strong business strategy.

But talking about solutions, I think Microsoft and Google need to merge and form a huge public company with standardization and opensource being the highest priority. This would create the first united companies of the world. Let there be two slapping contests: (1) [for CTO] Bill Gates vs. Larry & Sergey, and, (2) [for CEO] Steve Balmer vs. Eric Schmidt.
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