Nepal has the Lowest FDI among the Poorest Countries

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Nepal has the Lowest FDI among the Poorest Countries

Postby Ganesha » Mon Aug 30, 2010 1:21 am

Excerpt from Page 62 of World Investment Report 2010:
During 1990–2008, FDI flows to almost all LDCs rose; exceptions included Burundi, Eritrea, Nepal, Samoa and Timor-Leste (fig.II.8). FDI inflows to 15 LDCs increased while their bilateral ODA decreased. In the same period, 29 other countries experienced simultaneous increases in FDI and bilateral ODA.

Its a sad story, finding Nepal amongst the poorest of the poor but do you think we will have FDI coming in again once our politics is settled?
Regional Trends in Foreign Direct Investment
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Re: Nepal has the Lowest FDI among the Poorest Countries

Postby kazi » Mon Aug 30, 2010 3:53 am

The reason for low FDI could be that Nepal has not been embracing it openly. In this garden of globalization Nepal has been a late bloomer, so to say, for whatever reason. And that may have more to do with this rating more than poverty. Of course, as a proponent of awareness and education, I would say lack of awareness is the cause, but then again this is not the time nor the place for this discussion. But yes, I think Nepal's unwillingness to open markets has been the deterrent to FDI. But again, I feel this is changing rapidly, for the better.
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