Corruption in Nepal - Why & How to Alleviate it

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Corruption in Nepal - Why & How to Alleviate it

Postby Ganesha » Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:37 pm

In 2009, Nepal was perceived to be more corrupt than India, Bangladesh or even Pakistan according to Transparency International! God knows what the index will be this time in 2010 but we have a fair idea of how it will be.

We talk about corruption in Nepal so much that the issue has now desensitized us, we take it for granted. Every country is unique, its not that USA does not have corruption but on this post I would like to find the factors that contribute to corruption in Nepal. I will discuss a few I have heard over the years and try to provide a counter argument. Let's see how you think.

1. Pay for government jobs is not enough even for subsistence. Okay, but how do you justify the corruption in the private sector?
2. System is corrupted so even if you are not corrupt, you will be forced to be corrupt. So you mean to say NO Nepali is clean?
3. There is no system in place so you need someone's "help" to have your things done. Then nothing actually gets done at all?
4. "Garib Muluk Ma Yestai Ho" meaning " happens in all poor countries" mentality. We are still not the number one most corrupt country. Do you not think there is hope there?

And then there those who say:
5. Those who are giving bribes are fostering an even corrupt system by the act itself. So the bribe takers are exonerated?

And then there are ordinary people who say:
6. "Ghoos Khayera Ke Bho Ta, Usaika Chhorachhori Padheka Chhan, Usaiko Ghar Thulo Chha" meaning " It does not matter whoever is corrupt but your own poverty". And this is pure disaster. I do not know how to make a point here to those who say this. - nepali forum

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Re: Corruption in Nepal - Why & How to Alleviate it

Postby kazi » Wed Jul 28, 2010 10:37 am

Corruption is a malady... a form of cancer. The reason: lack of transparency and awareness.

There are benefits to controlled cell growth in the human body, and uncontrolled growth turns to cancer. Similarly, if there is transparency, the same transaction would be called a valid business. Lack of transparency makes it corruption. So, the key is transparency.I do not think people choose to be corrupt. I do not even think people want to be corrupt. But that does not mean they are not corrupt. Again, the reason is transparency.

There are small villages, towns, cities and nations in which there is transparency.. the type of transparency that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Undoubtedly, there is corruption in that system. The reason: lack of awareness. The poor have no idea they are being bent backwards and screwed many times over.

Bottomline: the core factors for corruption and its prevention are (a) transparency, and, (b) awareness.
"Mother and motherland are more precious than heaven." But that does not mean we must cling to our mothers. The least I can do for Nepal is to bring awareness among the Nepali people. And this Nepali forum is the platform for me.

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