A Warm Welcome to Aawartan!

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A Warm Welcome to Aawartan!

Postby aawartan » Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:08 pm

You grew up in the beautiful country. You went to school and then to university and suddenly one day, you realized that there was more to life than school, homeworks, grades and fun-filled picnics. There was your country, its political state, the state of its business, the Nepali culture, its state of technological advances, the way the world saw you as a country and many other things. And with that understanding, life burgeoned and was never the same.

You then longed for things to become better, you stood optimistic amidst tides that became more difficult each time to bear, you held on. In the wait and hopefulness, you might have left the country but then your heart has always been there. Today, no matter what, you are concerned, hurt and fastidiously optimistic about the country because you know if you lose hope, there will not be anything. And all this time, you have wondered whether there were others like you. Like you who voted but was free of any political religion. Like you who wondered why the politics just repeated itself all over again. Like you who saw so many opportunities in business, tourism, hydroelectricity and technology not realized year after year. Like you who were mesmerized by the beauty and grandeur of the common Nepali person. Like you who thought and thought hard and wondered why, why was it happening. Aawartan for you aims to be that watering hole where you can finally share, meet and express your ideas, your love, your dreams, your philosophy about your beloved country. Join us now!
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