Remember this while posting

Read before you post anything on this discussion board.
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Remember this while posting

Postby aawartan » Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:01 pm

  1. Do not blatantly attack a person. Does not matter if he is some big guy or a small one.
  2. Pass constructive comments. We already have a lot of finger pointing being done elsewhere and we don't want any repeats here.
  3. Be logical, be rational. Remember, you are an intellectual.
  4. When creating a new post, choose a good topic and add a descriptive title.
  5. When registering at, we advise you not to choose your real name as your login name. This board is anonymous. The anonymity should empower you to express freely. Exploit this benefit.
  6. All regular norms that should be followed in a discussion board do apply.
  7. This board is moderated. Posts might be edited for clarity or deleted if you do not follow the above points. And the board does not keep a copy of your deleted post.
  8. For those who are new to discussion board and want to learn about its etiquette, here are two good links that you can read to have an idea - Proper Internet Forum and Message Board Etiquette by Steve Thompson and How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by Eric Raymond.
Lastly, Let your brainwaves find a voice. Create new posts, reply to posts. Your expressions are what make a place of value, learning and sharing.

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