Why celebrate new year?

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Why celebrate new year?

Postby Ganesha » Fri Jan 01, 2010 1:45 am

I was watching all those people in Times Square a few hours ago on TV, all happy and really looking forward to 2010. At one point in time, I thought, why are all these people happy? After all, a new year arrives every 365 days; its definite and life continues as it is. Why are these people so excited or what are they so exhilarated about?

In our case, we are a wonderful country that has many new years. The ones I can remember at this time are Nepali New Year, English New Year, Nepal Sambat, Lhosar, Kirat New Year.. and they already make five. That makes me think if we ever enjoy new years at all or should we celebrate all of them and if yes, what for...
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