Are discussions on food valid, logical and necessary?

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Are discussions on food valid, logical and necessary?

Postby Ganesha » Sat Mar 13, 2010 9:28 pm

I am one of those who never cared about food. You become hungry, you ate what was available and you continued your business. I used to wonder why people go to great lengths talking about the type of cheese to put or the ratio of specific masala in lamb meat they cooked last night. "Absurd and irrational", I used to think. But lately things have changed.

I have realized that selecting ingredients to cook, preparing to cook, cooking itself and then eating and savoring it and discussing it later is also an important part of life as they give an unmistakable flavor to your being and its happenings, they add spice to your life, they refresh you, they energize you! And thus I have begun to respect all those who dissect culinary issues and the related stuff. I have suddenly begun to enjoy all aspects food and it makes me happy!

What are you own thoughts on food? Does it matter if the food on your table is delicious or just okay? Do you believe in the fact that food and discussion on food is an essential part of our living? - nepali forum

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Re: Are discussions on food valid, logical and necessary?

Postby kazi » Sun Mar 14, 2010 9:50 pm

Food, like sleep, is very unpredictable for me in a very logical way. If has excesses (not cooked well, overcooked, over salty, no salt, stale, etc) then it really bothers me. Perhaps it is a part of my culture, but food is taken very seriously in my family. But otherwise, I prefer simple food... that is prepared in our families daily. How and where it is cooked, I have very little knowledge and very little interest. But I must admit, my food should be either exquisitely fancy or simple to a fault. I dont like people messing around with my food. And if I discuss food, its either extremely exotic or simply the homemade best. The rest (extravagant hotel dinners, variety buffets, etc) is not something about which I would initiate a conversation.
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