To A Braying Poet

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To A Braying Poet

Postby rabipaudel1 » Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:32 am

What is this? An ass braying or a monkey screeching?
This the Hell: the sound of sin dripping into the pond
of sulfur. Nay, this is no poetry but Death of the Poetry?

How fantastic the poem is! The persona has ridiculed himself by presenting the lowest from of wit, could be best described as a blank ejaculation of a middle-aged brain. Usually when a person climbs on his middle-age, he grow erratic and behaves erratically, fearing that the generation that follows him will upend his attenuated existence. It is called male menopause, or a mid-life crisis. The persona seems to be climbing the middle-aged mountain, and seems to be raped repeatedly by fears of castration. And the fear of castration occurs when the mean, miserly object who can barely think feels overwhelmed suddenly by the pressure of another megalith. His broken fingers should be feed to the rat, that imitating copycat, that ape!

C: I agree, but It's not fair to criticize others for some apparent reason. Only stupid Nepalis do that. **Automatic_Board_Word_Censor_Bot - refrain from using the word. Not allowed.** course I agree that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, yet wit is wit.

A: Nay, that who has brain in his **Automatic_Board_Word_Censor_Bot - refrain from using the word. Not allowed.** should be whipped
Like a rider does to discipline his horse. This braying thing
Should have something called gray matter inside his hollow brain.
Whip him, whim, whip this stupid braying thing until it squirms.

(I could not hear anything wrong against my good friend who is a great 21st century poet, and so I pinned my ears with my fingers and marched ahead.)

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Re: To A Braying Poet

Postby kazi » Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:33 pm

hilarious.. keep up the good work @rabipaudel1.
"Mother and motherland are more precious than heaven." But that does not mean we must cling to our mothers. The least I can do for Nepal is to bring awareness among the Nepali people. And this Nepali forum is the platform for me.

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