Thorung La Pass and the world's perception

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Thorung La Pass and the world's perception

Postby Ganesha » Sat Sep 26, 2009 9:42 am

Its a well known fact that Annapurna Circuit that includes Thorung La Pass is a world famous trekking route for the brave and adventurous. What I did not know was that people also go there to "celebrate 60th birthdays". How many of us Nepalis have trekked in our own country and know about one of its greatest resources, free, abundant and monetizable? It makes me laugh at first but feel pained when I meet someone abroad who after I have explained what Nepal is, asks me back, "Have you climbed the mountains?"

PS: The linked story on this post from The New York Times is on its front page today! It makes me proud as a Nepali that Nepal's aura and mysticism in this field at least is never going to die. - nepali forum

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