Transparency and Accountability

Issues of enduring significance specific to Nepal and those that affect all Nepalis. Examples are our vulnerability to earthquakes, flooding in the Terais
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Transparency and Accountability

Postby kazi » Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:48 am

I have been a proponent of transparency and accountability since a long time back. And it pains me to see that my own country suffers from the lack of it.

A lucid example of transparency is the agreements between the parties. We have so very often heard about so and so agreement but nobody really knows what the agreement is all about. I think these agreements should be open to the public so that the parties may be held accountable if they fail to uphold an agreement. In case parties have to have closed agreements, what is the point in saying this and this agreement has been reached, when in fact there is no assurance that the agreement will be honored?

Another example of lack of accountability is the tacit agreement between the government and its people. The people have to uphold the constitution and show loyalty. In return the government should provide protection and smooth functioning of the society. Therefore, there is mutual accountability. But can we say that there is accountability?
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